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I *am* Brian Eno, you know

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I’m gonna watch the Lizzie McGuire movie with the sound turned off and listen to Raw Power.

"The way Gordo looks at Lizzie just when Iggy sings ‘I Need Somebody’ …. that’s not a coincidence, dude. They did that shit on *purpose*."

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Seriously? You could do this with *any* movie/album combination.

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"Dude, this is the really awesome part!"

My co-worker, every five minutes of the Dark Side Of The Moon/Wizard Of Oz.

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help me I am in hell

This morning, the entire kitchen staff is just me and one other person, and this dude brought in his iPad and set it up right in front of me so that he could have me watch the Wizard Of Oz/Dark Side Of The Moon thing. I literally have been avoiding this my entire life. Someone please help.

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God I hope I die before I ever have a chance to hear the Kanye/McCartney collaboration.

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Where is my reciprocal meaningless banter?

As much as I try to avoid interacting with other people, there are frequently times during the course of a day when it is necessary to engage in basic verbal salutations. “How are you?” “Oh, I’m ok. How are YOU doing?” That sort of thing. The subtext of which is, “I don’t really want to talk right now (or ever), but in this situation it would be rude and awkward *not* to, so here … I am acknowledging your existence as a human being.”

(And when someone else doesn’t play by these generally understood rules, I am thrown off balance. When someone asks how you’re doing, and then make it clear that they *really* want to know, it confuses me.)

This morning was just as off-putting, but for a completely different reason. When someone tells you to “Have a good day!” the one and only correct response is, “Thanks! You too!” Am I right?

When I told this woman at the grocery store to “Have a good day” she responded with, “Thanks, I will.”

Honestly, it just threw my whole day off balance. “Thanks, I will”? What the hell is that? How dare you deviate from the script that the rest of us are clearly reading from?

My whole morning is shot. I need someone to tell me to have a good day, or even better, to just tell me, “Thanks, you too” just to restore balance and order to the universe.

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